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Referrals at our website can be done directly without the need to sign up for an account at our clinic. Just fill up an Online Form, and you’re settled. Once your referral goes through, the doctor or we (the clinic) will initiate by calling you to arrange for an appointment to meet up to discuss or go through any concerns over the health areas selected in the referral earlier. You can even upload existing x-rays to assist the dentist in assessing the medical condition more accurately.



A referral is a system where one can refer themselves or someone else concerning their health conditions to a clinic of their choice online. This also includes doctors from other clinics referring their patients as well. The system will usually display different areas of health concerns and one can choose more than one option. The feedback is then recorded into the system for the doctor to look into once they receive the information through the system. The purpose of referrals is to make sure patients meet the right clinical team, at the right time and in the right place to deal with their health conditions.

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