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Is Water Flossing Better Than Regular Flossing?

Feb 01 2020

Is Water Flossing Better Than Regular Flossing?

Though water flossing is another way to clean teeth, it differs from traditional flossing. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), this method incorporates a hand-held device that removes food from between teeth using steady water streams. Water flossing is an alternative method to traditional flossing for people who have difficulty holding string floss or who have dental work, such as braces, where manoeuvring floss in between teeth can be tricky.

Flossing Benefits

We all know by now that flossing provides numerous benefits and is an important step in maintaining excellent oral hygiene. However, is there a significant difference in effectiveness between traditional and water flossing?

Traditional Flossing

Traditional floss containers are small and quite portable, so it’s easy to floss even when you’re on the go. They fit conveniently in a pants pocket, a purse, or a desk drawer at work. On the other hand, a water flosser device may be too big to take with you and needs to be plugged in, so the inconvenience may deter you from flossing if you’re on the go.

Water Flossing

Though more expensive than typical dental floss, a water flosser is much easier to use, especially for people with orthodontic work. The massage action can also improve gum health and reach areas that can’t be reached with traditional floss. 

Whichever method you end up choosing, just remember that it’s only one part of the healthy mouth routine. The first, naturally, is brushing.

Lastly, remember to schedule a cleaning every six months. Not only will a professional cleaning keep your teeth in good working order, but your dentist and dental hygienist can identify mouth concerns before they become bigger problems.

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