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Getting The Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Feb 28 2019

Getting The Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Dale Carnegie once said, “The expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back.” Whether we like it or not, people do judge us by our overall attractiveness and a great smile is one of the critical elements tied to it!
What’s In A Smile?

You might be wondering, “Well, what makes a great smile?” First and foremost, it has to be genuinely from the heart and not forced. A broad and sincere smile is recognizable on-the-spot and people tend to attach positive attributes to it psychologically. So you’ll definitely put yourself in an advantageous position to create a good impression at the first meeting if you smile.

However, you can’t run away from face-to-face encounters forever. Eventually, you’ll need to take control of the situation. It might sound cliché but it really does start with owning a smile that you aren’t shy to offer to those around you. Improving your smile can be your best investment and your dentist may very well be your best friend 😉
Perhaps the most obvious solution is to consider braces. However many shy away from it because metal braces tend to create a less professional look. People might even associate you with being an underaged teenager and call you “brace face”! Hence, self-image issues are one of the top reasons why people still hesitate considering braces.
Treatment Options
The good news is, new treatment options are available to masses that not only offer better comfort but also helps reduce time commitment and gets you looking your best very easily. One option is Invisalign ® which is a brand of clear and removable aligners, that gradually straighten your teeth like conventional braces but with less discomfort and trouble.
Aligners vs. Traditional Braces
Traditional braces take up to two years to correct teeth but with Invisalign® that time is greatly reduced. If you are wearing aligners, you can basically eat any kind of food with ease. Besides that, in case of a minor relapse after treatment like the neglect of using retainers; you can reuse the previous aligners. If it was in the case of ordinary braces, you may need to repeat the treatment with additional costs. Now that’s a number of awesome reasons to smile, right?
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