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At TAG Dental Clinic,


we use advanced equipment for your oral health.



Aligners like Invisalign®​ ​ and ClearSmile are custom-made imprints of your teeth that are manipulated and made to give you the perfect smile a little bit at a time.



Clear aligners were developed especially for treating adults. The biocompatible resin splints allow for a smooth aligning of the teeth – without metals, clasps, screws or brackets.


The ​aligners apply carefully calibrated pressure to the teeth to nudge them into their proper positions.


With big technological advances in recent years, there are many more cases that are easily treatable with clear aligners as compared to metal braces.


Every step of the treatment plan is personalised and each aligner will be fabricated individually and exchanged several times to ensure smooth progress throughout the duration of treatment.



Invisalign®​ ​ is the next innovation in orthodontics. While they function similar to braces, the aligners​ ​are removable, which allows for better comfort and overall mouth and gum hygiene.


One of the biggest advantages of aligners is that they are clear, which means they are practically invisible and you can go about your day without worrying about other people noticing it.


Some other advantages of clear aligners are:

  • Patients are able to see computer simulated final results even before they start treatment.
  • The removable feature of the aligners means patients are free to eat any kind of food. -Aligners are proven to give faster results than metal braces. • They are much more hygienic because there are no wires or brackets in the way when it comes to cleaning.
  • Aligners can be used as application trays for fluoride treatments to help with periodontal hygiene.
  • Aligners can be used as retainers after orthodontic treatment.


At TAG Dental, our dentists offers two different clear aligners: Invisalign®​ ​ and ClearSmile. Our treatment duration varies according to the severity of malocclusion with an average duration of a full orthodontic treatment is 1.5 years (18 Months) to 2 years (24 Months). Please contact us to find out more about the best option for you.