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What Foods Should I Avoid When Using Invisalign®?

Sep 13 2019

What Foods Should I Avoid When Using Invisalign®?

So you’ve just started off with your Invisalign® aligners and you’re ready to take your first meal. You’re probably wondering what to avoid while you’re using aligners so that you don’t delay or prolong the treatment process. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of things to help you in your journey of aligning your teeth!

Hard Foods and Candies

Food that can be easily snapped or bitten like potato chips will not interfere with your Invisalign treatment. However, foods like hard-shelled bread, uncooked carrots or rock hard candy should be avoided at all costs. Overly hard bites will damage your aligner and you might find yourself wasting money on a replacement.

Sticky Foods

We know that for those who use conventional braces gum is a huge no-no. Likewise, gum and Invisalign® aligners aren’t a good combination too.

In fact, not just gum but rather all kinds of sticky foods should be avoided such as jelly beans or caramel could pull and tug at the aligners and potentially break them.

Avoid Specific Drinks

Consuming drinks like coffee, tea, and wine can easily stain your Invisalign® aligners. These drinks often leave the aligner tinted darker and looking dirty, thus causing your teeth to look discoloured.

Besides that, hot drinks and high temperatures can warp or misshape the aligners, possibly leading to extended orthodontic treatment time. It is also important to note that drinks like soda and coffee can be detrimental to both the health of your teeth and your overall health. Soda is found to be very acidic, breaking down your tooth enamel. The sticky properties of soda also mean that the sugar will cling to your teeth and provide a food source for bacteria.


So if you’ve got questions about Invisalign® aligners and their suitability, try popping into TAG Dental Clinic for a consultation. 

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